Creative industry is one of the growing sectors in the global economy. It has the potential to create job opportunities, diversify exports and facilitate the development of other sectors and industries. The creative industry in Rwanda has recently grown in terms of the number of participating entrepreneurs as well as its contribution to the economy. The government of Rwanda has lifted cultural levies and introduced a law to promote the country’s audio visual and film industries. 70% of television broadcasted is to consist of national content.
Since the introduction of the digital terrestrial television broadcasting standard in Rwanda in 2013, 18 new TV stations started, bringing the total number to 22 as of 2016. The new TV stations join the already vibrant radio land scape of approximately 50 regional and national radio stations. As of these developments in the last years a significant boost in the creation and the need of original local content emerged in the Rwandan audio visual sector.
Based on this development, Eco-Emploi programme and its Rwandan partners identified the creative industries as one of the four priority sectors. The focus lies on the audio-visual sector with the option of entering further sub sectors.
Interventions will focus on supporting the establishment of a Rwanda Film Commission to attract and host major film productions in a public one-stop centre, job trainings for the professionalization of the sector to boost the quality of local content and creation of exchange platforms between local film and TV producers and TV stations to ease excess to finance and exposure of local producers. Interventions aiming at creative industries will cross-fertilize with other intervention sectors of ICT, Tourism and Wood by e.g. creation of smartphone Apps for tourism and carpentry specialization for set building for film and TV.